What's the difference between SOIPro and OneSeasonPRO?

SOIPro.com and OneSeasonPRO.com are sister sites. SOIPro is the Account Integration-free version. On SOIPro you'll have access to all the same cool tools, data and games... just without any links or hooks to your OneSeason acount.

Simply put, on SOIPro.com we won't ask for your OneSeason acount info.

Once you create a login you'll have access to both sites. You'll be able fully interact with the site and have access to all the same basic features. If you ever decided you want to maximize your experience you can easily integrate your account and open up the advanced tools available on OneSeasonPRO.com.

So, what's the big difference?

  • Games
    • You'll have access to all the the games except Sportfolio Challenge.
    • Without the Account Integration you will be inelligible for multipliers.
      • Multipliers give you the chance to multiply your score by 100 times your percent ownership per SOI... so owning 5 shares of a SOI with 500 available means you'll double your score. (1% ownership = 100% bonus, etc)
  • Market
    • You'll be able to use the same Market Tool.
    • You won't have the ability to trade or submit IPO orders.
    • You won't have the ability to view your account information like pending orders, trade history, profit, cash, etc.
  • Mobile
    • You'll be able to use the public version of the mobile tools (Web Edition and SMS Texting).
    • All trading, account history, pending orders and IPO orders require Account Integration.

So, what will you have access to?

As a member of SOIPro you'll have access to everything that doesn't require interaction with OneSeason. You'll be able to play games, use the web and mobile tools, use the research data tools and win prizes.

If you ever decide to integrate your account it's quick and easy. Just go to OneSeasonPro.com and hit My Acount on the bottom. Fill out the Account Integration data and choose save.

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