What's the difference between SOIPro and OneSeasonPRO?
Daily Market Masters
Daily Market Masters
Test your market mastery each and every day. Earn valuable Street Cred and win cash and prizes while building your rep. This daily skills test allows you to attempt to predict the next trading day's closing statistics. Who's the biggest % gain / loss, value gain / loss, highest / lowset price, etc. Every day you have the chance to earn up to 41 Street Cred.
Weekly Pick 51
Weekly OSPro Pick51
Another market mastery challenge. A weekly game. The goal, gain as much value as you can. Choose a total of any 6 SOI's, 5 starters and 1 on the bench. Keep your starting line-up all week or change it up every day. You'll always use the same 6 SOI's, but can change who's on the bench. At the end of each day, we'll tally up how much loss or gain in value your 5 starters had.
Weekly Draft 50
Weekly Draft50
Draft50 is combo of market mastery and Sportfolio management. It is a weekly game where the goal is to gain the largest net% (SOI's that go up the most) over the week. Also, you will have the option of integrating your account and receiving a multiplier for owningthe SOI's on your roster. You'll draft the SOI's you want and manage yourteam over the week. You can trade SOI's with another player in your league or get them from the free agency pool. Each player gets five SOI's and no bench so stay on top of the market.
Sportfolio Challenge
Weekly Sportfolio Challenge
Not much to it... except making incredibly smart trading decisions. This is a straight up total profit and loss percentage game. Simply put, strive for the most percentage gain you can. Each night we grab your profit/loss total which is Sportfolio Value + Cash + Reserved Cash - Deposits. This formula tells you your actual profit. You must be Auto Account Integration enabled.
Fantasy Baseball 33
Weekly Fantasy Baseball 33
This game tests both your skills in predicting real world fantasy stats and your skills at Sportfolio management. Each week you'll pick a six man roster comprised of a starter and bench player for pitching, infielding and outfielding. Each day you can change who starts and who sits. The points gained each day is based off of real world fantasy points multiplied by your SOI ownership per player. You must be Auto Account Integration enabled.
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